Custom-Made Foundation?!


I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

I first learned about this makeup miracle from a Buzzfeed video spreading like crazy on Facebook.

I HAD to check it out for myself! You can check out my video review on it below 🙂

Basically, the cosmetic company Lancôme uses a mix of black magic and futuristic space-like technology to mix a foundation that is a perfect match for your skin. I’m talking “I don’t know where the foundation starts and ends on my neck” perfect.

They first take pigment measurements from different parts of your face and/or neck.


Then the fancy computer combines them to let the magic machine know how much of each individual pigment to add to your foundation.


All the different pigments then go into the magic shaking box to blend all together…


And TA-DAAAAHHH! You even get to NAME it since every single foundation is completely unique to each individual! I felt Dingle was only fitting 😉




As always, thanks for stopping by! What are some of your top beauty experiences you’ve had recently? 🙂




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