Showered in Magic

So if you all stalk my life over on Instagram, you already know by now that I had the most magical surprise weekend EVER. It all started this past Friday. Jack and I had already been back home on the East coast for the week, checking off some wedding items here and there. It was the … Continue reading Showered in Magic


Stitch Fix ~ A Hint of Love and Spring

Hello friends! Welcome or welcome back 🙂 As you may know from my previous post I did on one of my Fall Stitch Fix orders, I'm kind of obsessed with this service. The problem is that the combo of Valentine's Day + a good stylist just feeds that obsession. I scheduled my most recent Stitch … Continue reading Stitch Fix ~ A Hint of Love and Spring


A very special lady's birthday, cake for breakfast, a gathered family, sparkling champagne, sprinkled flowers, gravy galore, belly laughter, a magical table, a Dingle Thanksgiving...come on in 🙂   Don't forget to take some pie home with you 🙂